"Wicked & Spicy Tales"

by Ruan Willow

Magical paranormal and erotic horror stories to tweak the dark and depraved kinky yearnings.
Magical Sex Wizards, A Seductive Witch, A Wish Granted But Not Accessible, and Getting What He Wants, but Not Exactly the Way He Wants.
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Fantasy
# Steamy
# Magic
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Four short stories of erotic paranormal magic and erotic horror, eerie Twilight Zone-ish… not your typical Ruan Willow book as these stories are mystical, devious, and explore the darker side. These stories are not HEA, but instead are wicked and spicy. The Sex Wizards Halloween Party Orgy: Janna is horny and she just wants to hookup with someone at the party because it's been a long time since she had sex. Her friend Bonnie, the party host, has a surprise for her. But that surprise is nowhere as amazing as the surprise the sex wizards have for her… she will get the sex wish of her dreams on Halloween night, but only when their power is at its max level. The Genie's Wish: Goddess services the college students and surrounding town with amazing coffee and hot drinks. She's very seductive, but also being a witch, her powers of seduction meld with her witchy talents in untold ways. When she collects more than her share of willing horny customers, she adds more pleasure potential to her collection of suitors. Boobs and Pizza Everywhere but not a Drop to Eat: Charles was seeking a magical lake that the Goddess Zeffra would grant wishes of a nude man with a pure heart who stood in her pear-shaped body of water. Charles knew he was such a man and he fought long and hard on a trek under the sun to reach this lake. But just when he gets what he wants, he also gets what he doesn't want. Pleasured by Satan: Louis was a good man, hardworking his whole life, sure he'd committed some sins, but who hadn't? He woke in a perfect bed in a perfect atmosphere, with a perfect body with sculpted abs… his lifelong dream had come true. In walked the sexiest big busted woman he'd ever laid eyes on with lush long curly blond hair and curves delicious as sin itself… and she's there for Louis because he deserves her. Contains dark fantasies and dark kinks, humiliation, depravity, denial, and of course, magic!