"The Sugar Daddies: Four Erotica Shorts"

by Ruan Willow

Sugar Daddies come in all shapes and sizes; the one common theme is she's the prize.
However, both end up with delicious returns!
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Steamy
# Contemporary
# Romance
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The Sex Loan: Lenny has always been super attracted to his best friend's ex-wife Janice. She hates Lenny but goes to him because she desperately needs a loan. She knows he has loads of money just sitting around not being used, and a bunch of unexercised lust. How far will they both go to get what they want? A story of revenge, greediness, sexual satiation, and satisfaction -- because her big boobs are just what he wants! In the end, they might each enjoy a perfect pair! -- Daddy Washes My Car, Then Takes Me in It: A power exchange storyline, a short erotic romance fiction story where her sugar Daddy takes care of her, and she desires him to do it. They match up! Daddy washes her car as she finishes up writing her current novel. It's all clean, but he wants to take her in it -- to get ice cream! But it might get dirty again! They go for ice cream but enjoy the better cream. Enjoy this sexy tale of a dominant pleasing and enjoying his enthusiastic sub. -- Taken by My Sugar Daddy: A short erotic fiction sex scene about a Dom/sub relationship. They waited forever, their Daddy Dom/sub relationship originating from afar at first as a long-distance relationship, finally they join together and find sexual and relationship bliss, but only because Daddy bought her the plane ticket to come. -- Daddy's Pretty Pink Princess, Sexually Spoiled: It's time for Daddy's Pretty Pink Princess Hotwife Party. Maria is the new hotwife that Harry, her Daddy Dom, has gotten her interested in being. Once Maria agrees to trying out the free-use hotwife role, Daddy sets up a party with all of his friends. Maria is very excited and slips on the sheer pink lingerie dress Daddy picked out for her. As she says, "It's like Swiss cheese!" There's a perfectly delicious reason for this! Maria and the men explore her humiliation and use kinks. Pleasure abounds! But in the end, it's Daddy's turn to reclaim his sub and make her 'his sub' again. Oh, the sheer luscious deliciousness!