"Servicing the Handyman, A Leisurely Working Retiree, Book 4"

by Ruan Willow

Maturity is uber sexy when it means so much pleasure that Laney's world is rocked like never before!
Marvin teaches them both new things that astound them!
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Steamy
# Romance
# Contemporary
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Laney and John have had their marital ups and downs, but ever since they started to indulge in the hotwife way of life, their bedroom life has been set on fire. Both loving the spicy adventures they are embarking on; they are open to new experiences. Marvin is a leisurely working retiree who has done many small handyman jobs for them around the house. Laney's had her hungry eyes on him with a smoldering burning blaze of want that has grown steadfast over time. She can only hope that John will agree and set up the framework for a hot rendezvous. When Marvin arrives for his work for the day, Laney is enjoying a swim, in a bikini top only. Things escalate quickly when John sets the stage, but Laney is on her own for navigating her hook up with Marvin because John is eyeballs deep in work. That only fuels Laney's fire, and when she shows Marvin what needs to be worked on in their master bedroom closet, Laney takes what Marvin freely gives, which is both an orgasmic delight and learning experience for Laney. Maturity is sexy when it comes with so much experience that this silver fox blows Laney's peaks sky high. A few spicy and surprising adjuncts throw the fun into overdrive and Laney's world gets rocked like never before! -- Enjoy book 4 in the Servicing the Work Men, My Filthy Hotwife Adventures!

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Title: "Servicing the Work Men, Her Filthy Hotwife Adventures Series, Books 1-5"

When Laney plays, John stays… a hotwife and her dominant surfing the hot spicy waves of their lifestyle.

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