"Servicing the College Fence Builders, An Age Gap Hotwife Story, Book 5"

by Ruan Willow

John delivers big this time giving Laney a large load to satisfy a longstanding taboo desire.
Laney is gifted the most playful, flirtatious, intense day of her life!
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Steamy
# Romance
# Contemporary
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In this MMMMMF, John continues to lead his wife through sharing events with work men who come to the house, and the big surprise of the day is she's helping the work men work this time! She gets a special 'uniform', which is skimpier than one would expect anyone to do work in, but that's not the biggest shocker of the day. When the workers arrive, Laney's jaw drops as she had expected one man, but it's a crew! Not just any crew, this is a band of five sexy strong male college students who build, repair, and paint fences. As John dictates the rules for the day, and for the spicy event that will be the hot delicious finale, all the men and Laney are ready to tear into the day with lusty excited hopes. They are all ecstatic about all the potential dreamy flirty pitstops along the way as they do their duty to get the fence job done, but with much more salacious edging than any of them had expected. Being the female in the group, Laney is looking forward to so many high riding peaks, her highest count ever will surely be achieved with a full beefy crew like this. John's certainly not left out of the fun though! He has outdone himself this time in delivering a scheme for one of Laney's topmost unmet fantasies, and his beaming smile tells all. He's not only overindulgent with his wife, but he's going to reap all the steamy benefits once the guys head home, and for years and years to come thereafter. He's no dummy! -- Book 5 in the Servicing the Work Men, My Filthy Hotwife Adventures Series.

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Title: "Servicing the Work Men, Her Filthy Hotwife Adventures Series, Books 1-5"

When Laney plays, John stays… a hotwife and her dominant surfing the hot spicy waves of their lifestyle.

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